Born in 1972, Sébastien Marc, alias COLORZ, has conquered his letters of nobility in the French urban art landscape over more than twenty-five years of assiduous practice on the walls, starting with trains and palisades of Paris.

Considered a benchmark of French street art, COLORZ has developed its art on several supports, canvas, wood, aluminum, plexiglass. His style, both explosive and controlled, finds its influences in the energy of the street, which he translates into an abstraction of colors drawing unexpected cityscapes.

At first simple graffiti, his visual vocabulary evolves into elaborate compositions where the color and the treatment of the wall become more complex. COLORZ's style, unique and recognizable by its energy and vibrancy, has become a benchmark in urban art circles.

Common values ​​based on Avant-garde, Beauty, High Standards, Performance, Curiosity and a deep joy in sharing emotions. For one it all starts in the street, for the other it all starts with the desire to bite the road.

The taste for travel, source of inspiration, meetings, pleasure of Living;
a common trait that unites these 2 routes

Delage Colorz Collection

The powerful graphic design of the COLORZ signature is produced with the technique of screen printing which ensures a hold, resistance to any test and a perfect reproduction of colors. (pictures by Oshomi.too)