The values ​​of the House, made up of authenticity, work well done and the art of detail, made Delage successful. Its know-how is based on two complementary businesses; that of saddler-upholsterer and that of sheathing. All the bags are crafted with respect for the excellent know-how of the master saddlers: sanded and waxed edges, hand threads, exceptional finishes, saddle or hand stitching, precious rimmed edges hemmed with very fine rushes ... The Maison Delage thus signs a line of fine leather goods and accessories to stand the test of time. Every detail is a reference to what made these exceptional cars famous.


The pure lines of the bags pay homage to the codes of the House through the use of noble materials, by the reference to the famous grille designed in 1907, by the typically Art Deco jewelry. Delage red, the House's reference color, brightens up bag interiors ...

Because the Delage Woman is demanding, conquering and multiple, the delicate quilting of the benches and door medallions is diverted to make them modern and freed objects.

The Delage coated canvas is inspired by a design made in 1927.