Our History


Founded in 1905, Delage is a Parisian automobile company. It turns into a real success in the 1920s when, after the horrors of the First World War, Paris is in the midst of a large scale cultural, social and artistic revolution.
The world shouts "never again" and makes way for the extravagance of the Roaring Twenties, years when everything is about the Joy of Life. The Capital ignites under the spotlights, women dance, emancipate and indulge in new pleasures, men get drunk with joy and celebrate life. It is Delage's golden age.
Louis Delage loved automobiles, he also loved women. He creates voiturettes to their image: elegant, luxurious, competitive and light. Thanks to Delage, women become more independent.
At the wheel of their Delage, the ambassadors of the Maison such as Josephine Baker, Mistinguett, Lucienne Radisse or Joan Warner, can lead their destiny in a spirit of conquest. True automobile muses, these women inspire our various creations of leather goods and accessories, reflecting the active woman, the joyful woman, the intense woman. In harmony with the Delage spirit, our muses and values have passed through time.
Our know-how, the requirements of a perfect handcraft and the refinement of French luxury are the essence of the history of the Delage Maison.

Lucienne RadisseLucienne Radisse inspired Lulu Tote-bag
Mistinguett.pngMistinguett inspired Ginette Hand-bag
Capture d’écran 2019-10-02 à 12-05Josephine Baker inspired Freda Hand-bag

Mistinguett driving her Delage

The Automobile

Engineer, passionate about innovation, Louis Delage creates magnificent automobiles, both sumptuous, sporty and innovative. He is particularly innovative by being at the origin of the first installation of front brakes and of the design of voiturettes (lighter and more maneuverable automobiles), thus giving the possibility to women to travel as they pleased.
Convinced that motor racing improves technical know-how and increases brand awareness, Louis Delage designs engines as cathedrals and enters with success in numerous racing events as early as 1906. Delage participates in the Coupe de Voiturettes of the magazine L’Auto, and wins the Grand Prix des Voiturettes of the Automobile Club de France in 1908.

In 1914 Delage also wins the 500 miles of Indianapolis, the beginning of a long series of successes.

Eternal Elegance

Always innovative, modern and timeless, the Delage spirit has travelled through time just like the automobiles travelled the world.
This tremendous automobile epic is engraved in one’s imagination as the greatest expression of French elegance.