Delage's involvement in sustainable development is rooted in its deep sense of responsibility and its quest for authenticity. Always with respect for natural resources and especially time, we want to leave a positive impact on the world thanks to our progressive approach. Delage strives to create objects that pass through time by their exceptional quality, limiting over consumption is an every moment goal.

Our leather suppliers own all the most prestigious labels such as the LWG gold label. It is a protocol that assesses environmental compliance and business practices in terms of sustainability. It ensures compliance with safety standards, the reduction of substances harmful to health and the environment and the reduction of water and energy consumption.

USDA certification ensures the recycling and transformation of the skin by giving it a "sustainable" second life.

The leathers we use are natural and durable materials. We follow the cycle of food consumption in order to transform and valorise what would be eliminated as waste, into products with added value. What our tanneries cannot use is entrusted to companies that manufacture fertilizers, cosmetics, adhesives... The use of leather is one of the oldest forms of revalorisation of the food cycle.

Regarding our metalwork we comply with the CPSIA and REACH standards that control the chemicals present in each piece of metal. They restrict lead content, including the absence of phthalates and endocrine disruptors.

Our factory is located in Portugal, member of the European Union, and as such is subject to the same regulations as in France. However, we take particular care to commit beyond regulatory requirements. Our suppliers are also all based in the European Union, Spain and Portugal for leathers, Italy for dyes, Portugal for glues and Germany for yarns.

Our workshop meets all safety standards for our teams, we ensure the comfort of our craftsmen and above all their health. A doctor is present for the well-being of our teams. Wages are higher in our workshops than in most because the level of training required is of the most demanding.

In terms of ongoing staff training, we also involve external providers to enable staff to continue to develop skills. In addition, we participate in the transmission of techniques of leather goods, of craftsmanship...

Delage has a constant concern, as a legacy of its involvement in the liberation of women, to ensure perfect pay equity, and above all to guarantee men and women the same opportunities to progress within our Maison. To train, transmit, develop, ensure well-being, protect health and ensure solidarity are Delage's commitments.

Currently no delivery service can guarantee a green delivery (UPS, DHL, Chronopost...), so we calculate our CO2 emissions and reduce our carbon footprint by offsetting our emissions.

When sending our parcels, we pay particular attention to the packaging we use by limiting plastic as much as possible and reusing as much packaging and recycled paper as possible.

Every year, we donate part of our profits to various associations that participate in sustainable development such as WWF

We are also committed to the animal cause by making donations to 30 Million d’Amis.