The Delage Maison has always distinguished itself through its innovation, excellence and attachment to French refinement.

If Louis Delâge was a contemporary, he would certainly have been keen to create eco friendly means of transport. It is in this spirit of continuity with the vision of Louis Delâge that the scooter LA JO' was designed.

Foldable and lightweight, LA JO’ is the ideal travel companion to discover places of paradise; an invitation to stroll. It also is a luxurious object, to move quickly around a city with elegance and in complete freedom.


Size :
Unfolded size (L/W/H): 105 / 55 / 117 cm Folded size (L/W/H): 105 / 22 / 58 cm

Weight : 13,8 kg

Speed :
Speed limited to 25 km/h (in accordance with French legislation in force) 3 modes : 6 km/h, 12 km/h and 25 km/h
Uphill Capacity by 15%

Autonomy : from 25 to 40 km

Light: 30 LUX AV

Wheels : 10 inch Front and 8.5 inch Back

User’s maximum weight : 120 kg

Battery / Engine : Lithium ion 378 W/h Electric brake regenerating up to 15% (KERS) Repairable and recyclable battery, connected for maintenance assistance Rear wheel brushless hub motor 36V, on the rear wheel motor with mechanical technology: Brushless Power 500W Charging time: 3 hours

Comfort and safety :

Large floorboard : in beech mahogany varnished, rot proofed, equipped with non slip bands for optimal stability

Double braking : :disc at the front and drum at the rear (regenerating electric brake)

IP 65 weather protection : protection against strong water jets and dust

Steering column : rigid and secure

Foldable handlebar : with adjustable height

Lights : 30 LUX front lamp Flashing rear brake lamp

R etro reflectors : on sides and rear

Ground clearance : 70 mm

Vibration dampening blocks : thanks to the addition of 10 mm elastomer silent blocks under the floorboard road comfort on an inhomogeneous surface


Large floorboard : Beech varnished mahogany, rot proof Frame and

Frame and fork : aluminium

Handles and straps : Leather of European origin with strong antibacterial and antiviral properties Excellent resistance to tearing, bending, wear, light and fire LWG certified tannery (Gold: Environmental Stewardship Protocol)

Finishing of the handles : hand seams

Finishing of the straps : sanded and tinted slices with 5 passes of silicone free dye. Saddle seams.

Screws : stainless steel with thread brakes

Delage nameplate : 316 L stainless steel with laser engraving

Quick folding function

Tie up of the handlebar by the clamping strap at the rear
The front strap offers the possibility to tow the scooter

The folding function allows you to :

  • Store the scooter in a small space
  • Take public transport
  • Carry it in a car trunk