The great epic of Delage automobiles will remain engraved in one’s imagination as the high expression of French elegance.

Founded in 1905, the Delage Maison quickly stands out thanks to its innovation and performance.

Of these cars it was said at the time that they were "wide, spacious, lively and cheerful, good looking and showed great enthusiasm».

At Delage, one appreciated of course the technique, but especially such French aesthetics, an irreproachable finish which knew how to mix a classical tradition with modern shapes and volumes, and sometimes even avant garde. Delage is an art of living, a reference of insouciance where the destination matters less than the pleasure of traveling and escaping.

Delage's historic blue colour.

The identity shape of the grille.

The wood used in interiors, bodies, running boards.

Leather work in pure tradition of the master saddlers.

Josephine Baker, international figure in the Roaring Twenties was one of the most important Delage ambassadors